YMCA World Service Campaign

At the Y, we believe that everyone has great potential and are committed to helping all people – regardless of who they are or where they come from – access the resources and support to thrive. In 119 countries, YMCAs help people overcome barriers such as poverty, illiteracy, or chronic disease, by providing them with access to the buildingblocks of self-determination: social inclusion, quality education and health services, safe spaces for personal growth and leadership development, and employment and livelihood support.
To help build a more inclusive, equitable world for all, YMCA World Service raises financial and technical resources to help Ys worldwide strengthen their capacity to reach and transform more lives. Your support for YMCA World Service creates opportunitiesfor more people to thrive, which leads to positive social change within communities, across countries and beyond borders.

We’ve Raised

Top Teams

  1 -  Emerging Global Leaders Institute ($5,561.00)
  2 -  SiouxYMCA ($5,452.00)
  3 -  YMCA of Greater Oklahoma City ($1,110.96)

Top Campaigners

  1 -  Sioux YMCA ($2,796.00)
  2 -  Dan Fraser ($1,232.00)
  3 -  Andrew Corley ($1,125.00)
  4 -  Catherine Army ($875.00)
  5 -  Rich Wallis ($750.00)
  6 -  Cait McGinnis ($600.00)
  7 -  North Side YMCA ($475.96)
  8 -  Mark Barron ($400.00)
  9 -  Anna Swanby-Laisne ($300.00)
  10 -  Jane Rosi-Pattison ($300.00)